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Heli-Team is the leading inland helicopter company in the northern areas in Norway. Our vision, “We Lift Northern Norway”, indicates that we are supporting the development of the society in our area, and also that our customers gets benefits by using a local expert that knows the environment, weather conditions, and are able to solve demanding tasks in the arctic area.

We have been in business since 1988, and been airborne for time more than 40 000 hours.

Heli-Team’s operation experience in the Arctic environment, gives our customers special benefits. We have delivered all the power line missions in Norway’s three northernmost counties the last 25 years. We possess world leading technology and knowledge to deliver the most demanding operations under difficult conditions.

Typical operations

  • Building and erecting steel mast constructions.
  • Concrete Moulding.
  • String Power Line cables.
  • Helicopter transport pax (personnel) and transport of external load/sling operations.
  • General survey missions and Power Line inspection with helicopter, including thermal photography of power lines.
  • Tailor-made helicopter transport service (VIP Travel).
  • Events sightseeing.
  • Transportation of building materials to difficult accessible construction sites.

We look forward to have you on board!


Bente Slåtto Steien
CEO / Accountable Manager